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We’ve already told you a little about our advanced manufacturing sector and how our nearly 6,000 manufacturing firms are exporting more than $7.5 billion in exports each year.

Behind the success of one of our strongest industries is a global supply chain that is ensuring that Colorado goods are inventoried efficiently before being shipped off to customers around the world.

Our robust infrastructure, which includes Denver International Airport and an expansive network of highways and railroads, was just one of the many reasons that Arrow Electronics decided to move its corporate headquarters from New York to Colorado.

The company, which is a major supplier to the computer and consumer electronics industries with customers in 52 countries, needed a location that would make it one of the best electronics supply firms on earth. For Arrow, Colorado was the top choice given the state’s strong workforce, as well as international flights from Denver International Airport.

With our central location that allows for easy global access, Arrow Electronics is just one of the many 16,700 transportation and logistics companies that are leveraging Colorado’s transportation network for in-state and international commerce.

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Transportation & Logistics

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Transportation and Logistics companies



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