Lockheed Martin Both Full of Life AND Safe from Threats in Colorado

As a global security, aerospace and information technology company, the majority of Lockheed Martin’s business is with the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. federal government agencies. In fact, Lockheed Martin is the largest provider of IT services, systems integration and training to the U.S. Government. With locations all across the world, Lockheed Martin established roots in Denver, Colorado in 1956 at the request of the United States Air Force. The Air Force wanted its new rocket facility to be built inland where it would be less vulnerable to enemy submarine attack – safe and sound in our inland state.

Over the 60 years since, the firm has greatly expanded its workforce all across Colorado to develop satellites, integrated mission systems for air, space, land and sea platforms and many other capabilities, including the newest internationally prominent defense industry of cybersecurity.

In terms of cybersecurity, it seems that as society becomes ever more dependent on electronic connectivity for all aspects of commerce and communication, we have become increasingly more vulnerable to cyberattacks. To counter these sophisticated and tenacious threats on behalf of important government and private sector clients, Lockheed Martin has developed capabilities that place special emphasis on intelligence analysis, characterization and prediction. The firm created a custom process to view intrusions through a series of interconnected steps, developing a careful way to continue analysis after the immediate threat has been stopped, gathering intelligence that can lead to additional detections, thus providing a mechanism to stay ahead of the adversary’s next attack.

Lockheed Martin’s presence in Colorado is large, and given the nature of their evolving business, it is always growing. So they’re always on the lookout for the next great mind to help them find innovative ways to solve tomorrow’s problems, and Colorado is just where those great minds seem to want to be.

“Helping the future arrive is what we do, so we’re continually searching for the best and the brightest to join our team,” said Dr. Rob Smith, Vice President of Lockheed Martin’s C4ISR Systems business. “Lockheed Martin is a great place to work. We have a 9/80 work week, which ultimately means that our employees get every other Friday to enjoy this beautiful state. We also have various internal employee organizations geared toward taking advantage of everything Colorado has to offer. And we certainly feel fortunate to be able to live and work in Colorado. At our Waterton Canyon site, employees can even board and pasture their horses at our facility.”

Fast Facts

Location Denver
Operations R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing, Headquarters
Industry Aerospace and Defense, Homeland Security
Employees 10,000+ in Colorado

Fun Facts


In 1962, the first American to orbit the earth, John Glenn, was launched into space by a Lockheed Martin Atlas rocket.

Lockheed Martin

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